MercadoFresh is an online groceries service that meets customized demands for products.

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  • Role: Experience Design , User Interface, Branding
  • Primary Stakeholder: MercadoFresh


The challenge was to turn shopping experience in several places invisible to the consumer. The second step was to let users control the search experience, with precision and relevance, always assuming that they were shopping in a supermarket and the amount of each item could vary a lot (you carry one or two boxes of laundry soap, but want to buy 12 bananas).

I led the design in this project, conducting research with SobreApps and Move2, working close with devs and stakeholders.


In the first stage we designed an interface without any marketplace signage or store division throughout the purchase journey, including in the cart shopping. To achieve this result, many hours of research and discovery were spent defining categories, subcategories and their products, so that everything would be uniform in the view of the consumer.

During research, each category was analyzed to meet its specific characteristics, providing a search with assertive facets. Meats is bought by cuts or type of preparation, vegetables if they are organic or not, and various foods can be sugar-free, kosher or gluten-free. Even brands make a lot of difference in some cases. In this way, all those characteristics were mapped to be a search parameter for the client.


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